cultural stone panels

An ancient mix color into your modern house and bring a new lifestyle. Cultural stone panels, clued strips by slate, marble, only, granite, travertine etc, we can make design by clients demanding or idea to prepare samples for final confirmation from jobsite. 90% panels are accepts by market, included USA, EU, MIDDLE EAST, ASIA , all of their client satisfy the style and comfortable on these decoration. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA    

Post Date: 2023-06-28

Acoustic Wood Slat Panel

Each ACOUSTIC PANEL is handmade, which not only enhances the sense of decoration visually, but also creates a quieter and more comfortable environment. The products use environmentally friendly materials and are certified by authoritative organizations. The advantage of SLATTED ACOUSTIC PANEL: Sound absorption, Fire resistance, Decorative aesthetics.  

Post Date: 2019-01-09

Engineering project

Projects which lead us for better design and special demanding by natural stone. You can find our previous projects oversea by our long term partner as below: Iran super market, 2000 more columns by natural granite Maple Red and paving by Xili Red ( China Rosa Porrino), light pink color and deep red color by […]

Post Date: 2019-01-09